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At JTech Consulting, we believe that technology exists to serve business — and not the other way around. JTech delivers the people, processes and technologies that power Client success. 


JTech works closely with Clients to understand how the right technology, when leveraged properly and customized to each business case, can positively impact the bottom line. Then we deliver on that strategy with the goal of maximizing measurable ROI.


Our Clients span finance, telecom, IT outsourcing, education, health care and food service industries.


JTech Consulting is a global software development consulting company founded in 1999 by MIT engineers.


We value the entrepreneurial spirit in each consultant and each customer. We believe that spirit is the key to success.


We value integrity in all our dealings internally and with our Clients. We believe that trust is the real currency of business.


We value a can-do attitude toward all challenges great and small. Ultimately we believe that nothing happens until someone commits to getting it done. 


Since its inception, JTech has expanded its portfolio of offerings beyond application architecture and development to better serve our Clients by offering an integrated set of services.  


In tandem we have expanded our staff across the Americas to meet increasing demand.


It is this proven capability to design, staff and deliver a comprehensive set of technology-related services to Clients that sets JTech Consulting apart from the competition. 



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